Live Poker

Poker is probably one of the most played card games on the planet and so it stands to reason that it is also a hugely popular choice in online casinos. In all its forms, an estimated 100 million people play poker each year and so you have to ask yourself what attracts so many participants to this game of luck and tactics.

Live Poker Online

At Online Slots Lobby you can indulge your poker passions in live games that effectively mimic the excitement and action of a real life casino. These poker live experiences are played in real-time and with real-life dealers.

Live poker games and live poker tournaments offer hugely interactive experiences with lots of choices to ensure you have the most fun and excitement possible. So grab your chair and get your poker face ready.

Online poker live means that you can enjoy the action and excitement of a poker game wherever you happen to be and whenever you choose to play. It also offers a safe and comfortable environment to learn the ropes if you are new to the game.

Play Live Poker

You can enjoy a highly sophisticated set-up when you choose to play live poker online. Expect high definition and the use of the latest streaming technologies to ensure seamless quality when you play live poker matches.

The games are pretty much the same as they would be if you were in a land-based casino except that you interact with the dealer using a range of intuitive on-screen controls. This is how you do everything from placing bets to folding or raising.

There isn’t usually a limit to how many people can join in with the games and so it is easy to play an online poker match whenever you get the urge. There are a number of different variations of poker live online available but most focus on the live holdem poker game.

One of the major differences between land-based poker and live poker matches online is the speed at which they are played. Real-life games can take around two minutes, but some online hands can be completed in a minute, adding to the pace and excitement of the game.