Online Baccarat

Once a favourite among French nobility, baccarat is now incredibly popular in online casinos all around the world. As with many card games, you can now also play baccarat online, which comes with its own distinct advantages and features.

Baccarat Rules

The basic aim of baccarat is to beat the banker by having the higher scoring hand. Every card has its own value – you start from one to nine, but the 10 and the face cards are worth zero each. The ace is worth one. This means your maximum possible score is nine, and the person closest to nine wins. Some versions will also offer side bets.

There are different types of baccarat. Punto Banco, otherwise known as North American baccarat, is probably the most common. Then there’s baccarat chemin de fer, often shortened to chemmy and a particular favourite of the fictional spy, James Bond. It’s what he played in the original Casino Royale novel, before it was turned to poker in the Daniel Craig movie. Third is baccarat banque, or à deux tableaux. Which type you pick will affect the choices available to you during the game, although not all casinos will have all versions.

The Benefits of Playing Online Baccarat

There are several reasons this might be your preferred choice of card game. For one thing, it’s simpler to master than blackjack or poker. With fewer confusing rules and combinations to learn, you’ll be able to start enjoying yourself much more quickly. You’ll also be pleased to hear that whilst the banker probably has better odds than you, the house edge is still one of the smallest around.

As for playing online, that’s the most convenient of formats. You don’t have to leave your home; you can wear what you want whilst you sprawl on the sofa and no one need know. It’s ideal for those who prefer a quieter, more intimate setting than the traditional casino. Don’t worry though, if you do prefer gambling as a social occasion then there are still chances to interact. It allows a degree of flexibility that puts you in control.