Live Roulette

Powered by the latest digital technology, our live roulette casino recreates the surprises and excitement of the real thing. Without leaving your home, you can be transported to the glamorous world of the most sophisticated gambling experience of all.

Why Play Live Roulette?

The centrepiece of any casino is the roulette table, where seasoned gamblers and hopeful newcomers alike gather around the iconic green baize cloth to await their fate. Roulette is one of the most popular games in any casino, with several players all taking on the bank in the form of the croupier. It doesn’t demand the intricate skills of poker because it is essentially a game of chance. What it does require is nerves of steel.

One of the great attractions of live roulette is the flexibility of betting options and the varied odds. You can bet on a specific number, or a range of high or low numbers, or bet on all red, all black, all odds or all evens. Hedge your bets or go for broke. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of making your choice, hearing the croupier call ‘place your bets’ then ‘no more bets’ and watching the wheel begin to spin. All eyes are on the ball as the players wait in fevered anticipation as to where it will come to rest.

Live Dealer Roulette

Our online game, with a live roulette wheel and a real dealer gives you the chance to experience the irresistible pleasures of the game. The action at the table is broadcast from secure sites using webcams, tracking technology and online software. Every move you make is matched with the information from the table: if your bet comes up, you’re a winner.

Not only are you playing in real-time but you get to take part in a fully immersive experience. With a live roulette wheel, you can watch the action just as you would in a live venue. Even better, live dealer roulette doesn’t rely on random number generators or algorithms but takes the game back to its roots as a genuine analogue operation. Algorithmic chance may be scrupulously fair but there’s no substitute for the genuine chance produced by a physical spinning wheel and the thrillingly unpredictable progress of the ball.

Live Roulette Odds

One significant difference you’ll find is that while bricks and mortar casinos have high overheads to cover, which means their minimum bets are set correspondingly high, in our live roulette online casino we don’t have the same pressures so we can offer much lower minimums, making the game accessible to many more players.

If you’ve ever been fascinated by the game of roulette, from films and books or just out of curiosity, then our live roulette casino is the perfect place to experience it for yourself. It’s where the virtual takes you back to the real.