Online Scratch Cards are ubiquitous, and they are a popular pastime. You only have to walk into your local newsagents, and if you have a spare pound or two, they provide a quick thrill, and you can scoop lots of money.

However, what is relatively unknown, is that you can buy Scratch Cards online. At Online Slots Lobby, we have a dedicated Scratch Cards section, and we have an extensive range of titles for you to try out. In this guide, we will run through the basic rules of online Scratch Cards, and reveal some handy tips.

Basic Scratch Card Rules

Of course, you need Lady Luck on your side. But buying a scratch card is straightforward. All you need to do is buy a card, and then click on the link to see if you have won something or not.

Our games follow along similar lines, as you need to select an amount to wager from your casino balance, and then put that on the card. The amount will then be instantly deducted from your casino balance. An electronic card is automatically generated, which determines whether a player has won or not, and wins are usually accrued by matching three symbols.

Many of our Scratch Cards have an underlying sports theme, such as Halftime Scratch or Cricket Star Scratch, but the principle remains the same across the board.

Choose High RTP Scratch Card Games

Whether it is Scratch Cards or Jackpot slots, you should always pick titles that garner high RTPs (Return to Player). The greater the RTP, the more likely you will gather wins on a more regular basis. Ideally, you should pick a Scratch Card that has an RTP of 96% or more. Although you may not necessarily win seismic sums of cash in the short term, you will notice your playing account creep up steadily over time.

At Online Slots Lobby, we will display the RTP, so you know what you are letting yourself in for. You should of course manage your money well, but online gambling requires showing some patience.

Always read the T&Cs

The all-important T&Cs may seem like pesky items, but you don’t want to be in for a rude awakening when playing our Scratch Cards. At Online Slots Lobby, we run some fabulous bonuses, and promotions, even if Scratch Card specific bonuses are more scarce.

Nevertheless, be aware that Scratch Cards do contribute to the wagering requirements, so make sure you know what the minimum deposit is, as well as the timeframe for when you are supposed to use them by.

Keep a record of your gaming time

Tracking and recording your performance is essential to future success. You may not want to create a huge paper trail that extends all the way around your house. However, you should monitor your starting and ending balance, and see what did well, and what didn’t do as well.

While there are a wealth of Scratch Card reviews out there, you are in control of your destiny. You just never know, you may well be on to something special!